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My favorite Barca podcast plus a great community

My favorite Barca podcast (English speaking with a tinge of espanyol). If you join the Patreon group you get access to a great community of Barca fans across the world. They are very active in chat and its great being able to talk all things Barca.

Great Barca fan podcast

More Craig please.. he’s great! Love Gabriel and Bryan too, of course!

Amazing Podcast.

Brian and Gabriel do an incredible job covering the Barca. They always give interesting tactical analysis and enlightening discussion of current affairs both on and off the pitch. Definitely worth the listen!

The best FCB podcast out there

Brian and Gabriel do a wonderful job of breaking down all things happening at FC Barcelona. They bring great tactical analysis to all FCB teams, and provide news on any relevant cultural information in a really entertaining package. The team depends on Patreon support to keep the podcast going after this season, so I hope you all will join me in contributing to a top notch show.

Favorite Barça Podcast

There are a lot of Barcelona podcasts. This is the best by far. The hosts are fun and informative. Keep on guys!

if you want to impress your barça boyfriend

This podcast has not only made watching la liga matches more enjoyable for myself (because it's always more fun when you have more knowledge!) but it's also given me so much ammo, so to speak, to impress my long-time-barca-fan boyfriend. Thank you guys for making me look cooler in the eyes of my boyfriend! Also, I love knowing what's going on in Spain too. I think it's so interesting to see how the culture plays into the sport.

Always informative, entertaining, and more than just Messi’s greatness.

Have been listening to Brien and Gabriel host the Barça Talk Podcast for about 2 1/2 seasons now. I’m always waiting for Monday after a match to listen to Gabriel’s analyses on the game, his point of view, and opinion on how EV could’ve made corrections. The relationship between the host’s is “bromantic”, especially after their epic trip to Barcelona last season, thus making the listener feel like they take part of their friendship too. A bonus about Barça Talk is the full coverage of our beloved club, Juvenil A, and Barça Femeni. Thanks Brien and Gabriel for such an enjoyable Podcast. Bon Sort! Mynor - Los Angeles


Ok, I never leave reviews and I need the FCB world to know that this Podcast is Top Class! Really informative and love how unbiased they are as well...Keep up the excellent work!

Great Podcast

If you are a Barça fan and like to hear what happened with team after every match, Barça Talk is the podcast to listen, they just don't talk about it they analyze the game and makes it enjoyable to listen.

Winning podcast

These two are very knowledgeable- they keep it fresh each week and I always learn something new when I listen. They have a great balance of critique and respect for Valverde and Barca players.

Barca Passion

A consistently excellent pod that is driven by true Barca passion but tell it like it is. They have the interest of the fans at heart because they are fans themselves. They never mail it in.


Great Barca podcast

Very Credible Job For What It Is

If you love FCB, this is a very good English language podcast where you will hear a lot of very positive things about your favorite team. It covers all things FCB including the B and women's teams which you never hear anything about. It's very positive though they may think they are critical. If you want a more in-depth, and sometimes more balanced, review of matches, then you need to keep looking because this is mostly cheerleading. Nevertheless, I do enjoy it. It is long though - almost always close to 2 hours. 75 minutes would be perfect as would the occasional recognition that someone really screwed up or they got a break from the official (which both happened in the recent 2-1 victory over Alavés).


great podcast that gives simple but complex analysis of fcb. keep it going guys!

Thank you guys

Great talk show, keep it up.

Love The Podcast

Thanks for all the info you give us Barcelona supporters. I can’t watch all games due to my career but thanks to you guys I’m on top of things. Hope to keep hearing you guys.

Great show

Y’all are great love the show

Great podcast!

Love it!

Not bad

Almost as good as the Talkfcb YouTube channel for Barca news.

Great Content

As a Californian, really good review with news not heard much out here! Thanks!

(Updated) 5 MORE Green Stars

Just started listening in the new season. Love that 2 passionate Barça fans have come together to bring us this podcast. Giving you 5 stars despite having to hear Gabriel Americanize our coach’s name, VALVERDE. (Updated) Huge props for the guys addressing my concerns about Val-Green on the pod. #RESPECT

Barça Talk

The best podcast for all things FC Barçelona. Most futbol podcast in the US are focused on Premiere League and MLS and I haven't had great luck finding one focused on Barçelona but this one hits the nail on the head. Great play break downs and also cultural information on this unique part of Catalonia!

Visca Barca

I love the podcasts, as a delivery driver I spend most my time delivery and love hearing you guys, keep doing a good job!

My Everyday Barca Fix

I have been following Barca for years and this feels like I’m listening to a friend talk about my favorite club. I listen to you guys every time after work, provided you have a new episode. Thanks for your work, and I love “Valgreen”. Cheers!



Good stuff

Great podcast, smart and fun. Keep it up!

Great Podcast

I stumbled upon your podcast and I immediately became a fan. I’m a huge Barca supporter and I love that the podcast is in English because there are tons of Cules that just don’t speak Spanish. I’m looking forward to many more podcasts with y’all. #Valgreen forever

Amazing! Barca podcast for US and English audience.

I'm a huge Barca fan living in the US and it's so great to finally hear informed, considerate and fun discussion of my team every week. These guys are doing a great job and they're just getting started. All they need is a little support because it's clear the potential is there for a really professional podcast. Keep up the good work. Visca el Barca!


This podcast is can tell they are passionate about this team and soccer. Great podcast!

Great podcast

Love this podcast; everything Barca maybe talk about youth academy a little more because I have a hard time finding info on the youngsters in the system