Barca Talk Podcast

Always informative, entertaining, and more than just Messi’s greatness.

Have been listening to Brien and Gabriel host the Barça Talk Podcast for about 2 1/2 seasons now. I’m always waiting for Monday after a match to listen to Gabriel’s analyses on the game, his point of view, and opinion on how EV could’ve made corrections. The relationship between the host’s is “bromantic”, especially after their epic trip to Barcelona last season, thus making the listener feel like they take part of their friendship too.

A bonus about Barça Talk is the full coverage of our beloved club, Juvenil A, and Barça Femeni.

Thanks Brien and Gabriel for such an enjoyable Podcast.

Bon Sort!

Mynor - Los Angeles

Nov. 19, 2019 by Fifa14RIP on Apple Podcasts

Barca Talk Podcast