Episode 66: Keep Calm and Carry The Champions League

Show Notes:

The Wanda in Madrid will host the Copa del Rey Final. That wasn’t so hard, was it? (5:48) And you’ll be seeing a lot more of the Beko logo on the Barça jerseys in the near future. If you’ve ever wondered if there are cules in Montreal, we have the answer for you in our community segment (13:33). Barça B won, FCB Femeni lost (47:46). The first team are looking ahead to Chelsea in the Champions League (53:26) and they’re still undefeated in the league after beating Eibar, with Girona to come (63:48).

Additional Show Notes:

Come Join Us In Barcelona

Have you ever visited Park Güell? Brien and Gabriel both love Park Güell and think it is a must see when you visit Barcelona. This is your chance to visit Barcelona and attend the FC Barcelona/Valencia match. What is included is a 4-Star Hotel, Camp Nou Experience, Live Barça Talk show with Gabriel after Valencia match. XL Sports Tours are running this, and they’ve been great. Bilingual tour guides on hand Plenty of time to do your own sightseeing too. It will be a magical experience. The tour costs $2000, and you can pay in $500 installments if you need.

Meet Me At The Wanda

The Copa del Rey final will be played in the Spanish captial at the Wanda Metropolitano. The Wanda is home of Atlético de Madrid and seems like the best place to host the final, easy to get to for both Barça and Sevilla fans alike. Gabriel is hoping to attend the match as long as the tickets are not outrageous. The date for the final is Saturday, April 21st.

Cue The Music…Champions League Preview

The first leg of the Round of 16 is upon us and Barcelona will travel to London to play Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Oh baby…we heart Champions League so much, especially when we are playing Chelsea. Chelsea are not playing that well in their league but Champions League is a different animal. Chelsea is revolving door of manager/player drama, this year is no different. Conte is begging to be fired and the team has been underperforming. Which player scares you the most? It has to be Eden Hazard for me. It’s also worth noting that this Chelsea side have two former Barcelona players, my favorite being Pedro. Brien was sad to see him go, and of course he left because he wasn’t getting playing with Neymar on the team, and then we lost Neymar. Brien thinks that we’ve been ultimately better for losing him, but I’m more broken up about having lost Pedro in the middle of it all. Cesc, I like, but he’s better off on a Premier League side.

Ep. 47: Iniesta Forever

(0:12) We share our craziest moments of Barcelona fandom before getting into the talk. (7:32) In response to a listener’s question, we discuss Piqué’s recent statements about being willing to leave the Spanish national team. (16:38) Brien’s dad, Ed, has some interesting theories about what could happen if Catalonia declares independence and Barça are pushed out of La Liga. (25:30) We round up some news items, including the state of Rafinha’s knee and his future at FCB, Barça B, Sergi Palencia, and the women side’s great performance so far. (42:13) We announce the winner of our FCB Premium Video giveaway. (44:49) A quick rundown of Argentina, USA, and Spain’s World Cup qualifying matches. (49:40) A special feature on Andres Iniesta. (1:01:18) A preview of the Atletico Madrid match in La Liga.

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FC Barcelona is one of the most popular football clubs in the world, the Catalan giants were founded more than 115 years ago. FC Barcelona is currently a sports entity which includes basketball, handball, hockey, ice-hockey, figure skating, indoor football, rugby, baseball, volleyball and women’s football sections. The football team is the only side to have qualified for European competition every year since its inauguration in 1955. There are now a total of 105,706 members and 1,508 supporters clubs.

Barça Talk is produced by and for fans of FC Barcelona, one of the largest and most widely recognized and beloved football (soccer) clubs in the world. The hosts, Brien Henderson and Gabriel Quiroga, are both devoted fans of the club and every episode engages a community of fellow English-speaking fans by discussing news about FCB and reviewing games from a fan’s perspective.

Brien is a composer and musician by training. Originally from Southern California, he spent a decade in San Francisco and now does his work in Buffalo, NY. He discovered F.C. Barcelona in 2010 and has been a devoted fan ever since. FCB is his passion.

Gabriel is from the Bay Area and is currently living in Madrid as an English teacher. Gabriel’s love affair with Barça began with the original Ronaldo where he was a phenom for the Blaugrana and has been following them ever since. Gabriel tries to see Barça once a year and continues to play football whenever he gets a chance.

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