Episode 62: Mo Injuries, Mo Problems

Episode 62: Mo Injuries, Mo Problems

Show Notes:

Come to Barcelona in April and see the Valencia match with us. We’ve teamed up with XL Sports Tours to offer a cool tour package. A new spate of injuries, including Vermaelen and Demble…again (15:10). The community segment asks if La Masia is all it’s cracked up to be (29:06). Barça B got a win in Tenerife and Femení are on international break (39:38), and the first team had a hiccup in the Copa del Rey against Espanyol, but came back hard in La Liga against Betis (44:04). Barça will play Espanyol again and Alavés in the Camp Nou (1:42:00).

Additional Show Notes:

Come Join Us In Barcelona

What’s your favorite place in Barcelona aside from the Camp Nou?
This is your chance to visit Barcelona and attend the FC Barcelona/Valencia match. What is included is a 4-Star Hotel, Camp Nou Experience, Live Barça Talk show with Gabriel after Valencia match. XL Sports Tours are running this, and they’ve been great. Bilingual tour guides on hand Plenty of time to do your own sightseeing too. It will be a magical experience. The tour costs $2000, and you can pay in $500 installments if you need.

Ronaldinho Officially Retires

Ronaldinho is one of my favorite players, my first introduction to him was the 2002 world cup. That world cup was in Japan/South Korea and the game times were brutal, but I watched every game. Brazil vs England in the quaterfinals, Ronaldinho scored this amazing free kick from 45 yards, where it looked like a cross but the ball carried through the air past the keeper, top left corner. During that time FCB history, we were not winning much and needed a game changing player. Ronaldinho changed the history and fortune for FC Barcelona.

La Masia Talk

Hey guys, I’m a regular of your show. I wanted to see if you could talk about my crazy opinion. I think us as Barcelona supporters have been lied to for years, when it comes to “La Masia” and the reason I believe is because, after Xavi and Iniesta, Sergi, there hasn’t been any players who we kept. From failed players like Montoya,Bartra,Cuenca and other players I may have forgotten. I don’t understand how it’s possible that we can’t develop a RB or a CB, having “La Masia” so in my opinion I believe it’s a lie that’s been told to us for a while now. Again, y’all may not agree with me but that’s the beauty of this sport, we use our eyes to watch it and we all have different opinions. We discuss this opinion from our listener Carlos.