Jan. 25, 2023

Copa Del Rey Quarterfinals Preview and Barca B Update

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In today's episode, Gabriel is joined by Troy Cadotte as they discuss the Copa Del Rey quarterfinal match between Barcelona and Real Sociedad. Real Sociedad has several players out or doubtful for the match, including David Silva and Mikel Merino. FCB Femení has been eliminated from the Copa de la Reina after fielding an ineligible player, and the team plans to appeal the expulsion. Lastly, a Barca B update as Troy tells us which players to watch and how FCB has changed its policy towards sold players. Angel Alarcon will take the roster spot left by Memphis and will not play against Real Sociedad due to playing today. Additionally, IIias may leave the team this summer as his contract expires in June, and there are reports of a disagreement on contract terms with the club.

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