Oct. 8, 2021

Barca Talk Café - October 8th

Join our Patreon Community, for $5 a month! When you become a monthly subscriber, you get access to our Barca Talk WhatsApp group, access to the Friday podcast exclusive for our subscribers, and get the chance to host an episode with Gabriel. Join today! You’ll have direct access to us every week on the Barca Talk Podcast and we’ll give you early notice of upcoming events in Barcelona so that you can meet up with us there too. We want this community to be as inclusive as possible so everyone is welcome - from those who are new fans or haven't been following football long at all - right through to die-hard supporters like ourselves. It's going to be fun! Come join us today!

Mariana Guzmán Profile Photo

Mariana Guzmán


Mariana is a journalist in Barcelona who covers FC Barcelona for Conexión Deportiva and co-host of the ADN Barca podcast.